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had a mighty urge to draw some curvy Delta, since she seems to keep gettin juicier every time @ShinoNSFW draws her

(PS don't stop)
explicit (299500) artist:drizziedoodles (347) oc (567975) oc only (386544) oc:delta vee (502) anthro (214370) pegasus (213671) areola (11929) belly button (62947) breasts (220796) busty delta vee (45) chubby (12008) cigarette (3147) eye clipping through hair (3521) female (828120) fupa (403) milf (7365) nipples (131347) nudity (313600) plump (6363) pubic hair (6544) puffy areolas (1662) smiling (197898) smoking (3539) solo (926407) solo female (161428) talking to viewer (1824) vulva (104369)


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20 comments posted
Background Pony #042D
@Feather Duster
I find it funny how the only people complaining are hiding behind anon. Typical I suppose.

jeez guess I can't have an opinion if I'm anon
Background Pony #62AF
i thought that was a j before i could read the text, i wanna get high with deltaveeee
Background Pony #BF5D
smiling chubby naked delta. one of those things are not like the others!
Background Pony #9826
With a sexy curvy MILF like Delta here, who wouldn't want to go as many rounds as it took for someone to pass out?