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This is Crisostomo-Ibarra from deviantART and this is my submission for the 2020 Derpibooru Community Collaboration, basically a continuation of my entry last year: >>1920094.

This is a picture of my OC, Paint Sketch and the OC of my friend MidnightShadowsVA, Midnight Shadows. She doesn't mind and actually likes it when I draw her, so it'll be okay. However, this year's ruling states that I can only upload a maximum of two OC's in a single picture. It's frustrating, because, as a result, I have to upload my drawing of Cyber Gamer, the third OC belonging to my best friend Digigex90, in a separate photo. I request that this picture and >>2237749 be grouped in the final collab picture.
safe1704248 artist:crisostomo-ibarra75 oc683309 oc only447955 oc:midnight shadows36 oc:paint sketch9 alicorn224074 pony965531 unicorn322330 2020 community collab1152 derpibooru community collaboration3808 alicorn oc26506 female1361068 glasses61803 male371965 mare479506 one eye closed30610 simple background392689 smiling247675 stallion108515 transparent background201999 wink24681


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