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Our submission for 2020 Derpibooru Community Collab with total of 51 ponies (and other creatures too XD)
Thank you for the chance! For those who wants to help me tag this, it's very appreciated LOL
safe1679760 artist:sugar morning1328 oc667802 oc only439443 oc:alope ruby aspendale30 oc:amber moonlight19 oc:anneal16 oc:atom26 oc:bit assembly32 oc:bizarre song577 oc:blank card2 oc:blaze246 oc:blitzkrieg16 oc:brai3 oc:brewer62 oc:c1t0-b0r27 oc:chocopud7 oc:crescent star143 oc:crushingvictory86 oc:dicey dig3 oc:eclipse penumbra169 oc:electric night16 oc:emerald spark7 oc:endy14 oc:fireball (the maretian)12 oc:gene46 oc:invictus europa12 oc:julia minx5 oc:lemming60 oc:lemon drop209 oc:lix111 oc:lost thunder28 oc:mitzy202 oc:nightglider290 oc:noble brew62 oc:onyx stone20 oc:pegasusgamer66 oc:porsche speedwings49 oc:rosalia80 oc:sapphie23 oc:silver schism6 oc:soupy4 oc:steaming stove17 oc:sugar morning455 oc:twitchyylive74 oc:vinyl mix53 oc:watermelon success94 oc:white shield79 alicorn219348 bat pony48331 crystal pony4492 deer5433 deer pony1162 dog9314 dog pony210 dragon54648 earth pony238855 griffon26495 hybrid18026 original species24674 pegasus281620 pony942050 robot7632 robot pony3526 unicorn312264 2020 community collab1152 derpibooru community collaboration3809 absurd resolution65535 alicorn oc25767 antlers1981 baking tray12 bandana5233 banner1960 baseball bat1066 bat pony oc16707 bathrobe1389 beard3548 bipedal33502 candy6856 candy cane2408 cape10052 chains4825 chocolate3317 christmas13959 christmas lights1764 citomix23 clothes449967 coffee3822 cookie3600 cosplay27448 costume26984 couple5246 crate501 crystal unicorn193 cup6143 cute195803 dragon oc872 drumstick30 ear piercing25307 earmuffs1187 earring20462 eyepatch2935 facial hair5707 fake beard297 feather5741 female1339043 festive104 food68416 fortnite130 frying pan292 glasses60367 griffon oc2073 group3412 happy30479 hat84617 holiday19952 horn62508 hot chocolate1233 jewelry61100 kiss on the cheek1721 kissing24193 lesbian95194 looking at you163677 magic71888 magic aura3876 male363688 mango416 mann co. supply crate3 mare467935 mask6533 meat1843 mistletoe1740 mug4142 oc x oc15046 padlock574 persona 5151 piercing39846 plushie23555 present5914 raised hoof44391 red nose372 red nosed410 robe3599 santa hat6048 sapper23 scarf22869 shipping196687 simple background384640 socks64859 squished face22 stallion105226 stars15180 sunglasses14060 sweater14239 teacup2855 team fortress 25576 telekinesis27108 tired3072 transparent background198567 wall of purple27 wall of tags2917 wings101734


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