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Finishing his final lap in the pool Sandbar lifted his swimming goggles from his eyes. With accomplished he started to pull himself out of the pool. Glancing over he and stopped. About 9ft away Smolder, Silverstream, Yona, and Ocellus were sitting in the pool staring silently at him.

"Mornin ladies!" Said the stallion.

"Uh, good morning to you as well." Ocellus said softy.

The other mares just nodded their heads slowly in agreement.

Sandbar finished climbing out of the pool, and then he did a long, slow stretch. With that finished he picked up his towel and started walking away. He went about 3 paces and stopped. Glancing back over his shoulder the young stallion smiled.

"See ya girls in class."

The young mares nodded their heads silently. Sandbar smiled again and then walked away.

This is my first drawing of 2020. This Saturday 1/4/20 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'll be streaming on Picarto. So join me for an evening of art, stories, and the D&D report. See you there!
suggestive (120398) artist:baron engel (1616) sandbar (4264) anthro (214667) earth pony (173803) abs (8174) clothes (383156) crotch bulge (3760) grayscale (32633) male (282820) monochrome (140255) partial nudity (14682) pencil drawing (6971) simple background (317251) solo (927017) solo male (22530) speedo (424) stallion (83040) story included (7012) stupid sexy sandbar (17) swimming (1566) topless (10140) traditional art (103710) white background (79326)


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Background Pony #647B
I love how horny everyone’s getting lol
But srsly tho to young men, being in good physique is great and brings benefits… in more ways than one.