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It's become a bit of a tradition to draw our OCs as a group for the Derpibooru community collaboration and this year we opted for more of a game cosplay theme, featuring Dead by Daylight, Minecraft and UNDERTALE.

DJDavid98 did the sketch for this and Discorded lined it up with yours truly colouring and shading it. It was a lot of fun working on it together and we decided to shake things up by going raster this time. I'm already looking forward to next year's collab! :D

EDIT: Third time's the charm, maybe I stop screwing up which version I upload.
safe1578349 artist:discorded378 artist:djdavid98186 artist:pirill294 oc606554 oc only410451 oc:carbon copy16 oc:paamayim nekudotayim112 oc:star farer21 changeling40255 earth pony200024 pony847955 unicorn267308 2020 community collab1173 derpibooru community collaboration2875 angry24027 black sclera1650 blood22640 clothes410081 collaboration4807 cosplay26579 costume24723 cutie mark40837 dead by daylight11 female901606 glasses55030 glowing eyes9814 grin33074 hoodie12351 jacket10862 legion (dead by daylight)2 magic66018 magic aura2973 male306330 mask5460 minecraft2301 motion lines413 one eye closed25296 saddle bag5213 sans (undertale)418 simple background346563 slippers887 smiling215725 stallion93038 sword10617 transparent background180010 undertale1572 weapon27272 wink21655


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