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happy new year 2020 for everyone, I wish cheer, health and joyness for everybody. thanks for follow me and support me you guys, I really appreciate it
suggestive145286 artist:chuyryu173 flash sentry12988 sunset shimmer63771 equestria girls202923 alcohol7283 alternate hairstyle28562 black dress454 breasts282679 busty sunset shimmer5548 cleavage35067 clothes466394 dress45158 elegant178 female1379411 flashimmer2147 gala dress4615 glass4727 happy new year1152 holiday20291 legs8639 makeup22041 male379317 moon23712 night26823 shipping202498 side slit1424 straight138083 total sideslit222 tuxedo1400 wine2600 wine glass1500


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Background Pony #CA91
@Background Pony #1074
It's still no excuse for poor anatomy. It's kind of a shame really, because there's a lot of good artists on here that have wonky anatomy, that really can be fixed by using a reference.
Background Pony #CA91
@Chuy Ryu
Let me put this another way: boobs are not spheres. They don't look like that unless someone has had extensive plastic surgery or a lot more support. If that's what you're implying, fine. Otherwise, that dress would not hold her breasts like that. In fact, she'd probably be having a nip slip, with the way her dress is aligned.
Background Pony #CA91
with boobs that round it makes Sunset look like she has implants or something