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Yeah, I know this is old, but I feel like this has to be here.
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Scintilla Aquila

Honorary Yak
I forget, do you need algebra in order to understand probability and statistics well? Because those have way more practical applications in most people's everyday lives than, say, trigonometry and calculus, and probably ought to be taught more often in high school. If you do, then that would justify it, in my book.

In my high school prob/stat was an elective and the "normal" sequence ended in precalculus (and calculus if you tested out of algebra I), and that was fine for me because I then majored in math, but for most people (who aren't going into math, physics, engineering, or something similar) I can't imagine them using trig and precalc again after that.
Background Pony #F767
Unless you're going into specific fields, algebra isn't that important, anyway. You may be able to explain the world around you with it, but then again you can do that with words and other expressions, too. Things that a lot of people, like me, will grasp, retain and use in everyday life a hell of a lot easier.

> Sincerely, A Disgruntled English Major sick of mandatory math credits.