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Finally decided to throw up my renditions of the mane cast :3 Of course I had to start with the main girls but I’m working on side characters as well! Twilight’s students, the Princesses and the Crystal Family are all on the way!

safe2119626 artist:cloud-dash46 artist:vera-li7 part of a set22093 pinkie pie250118 rainbow dash272986 twilight sparkle349968 alicorn303075 earth pony423994 pegasus472451 pony1548579 g41933950 alternate cutie mark2462 colored wings12956 cute257458 cutie mark51469 diapinkes12349 female1745758 flying52822 glowing horn28205 head down193 horn173205 magic93822 mare707667 multicolored wings5063 rainbow wings919 raised hoof66662 scroll4080 simple background569831 smiling377535 spread wings88612 tail feathers1273 telekinesis37842 tongue out141593 traditional art139787 trio24046 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146106 white background152074 wings208736


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