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Artist’s description from DA:  
Just a height chart type what ever of all the children of the mane six.
From left to right (there’s no rhyme or reason to this order)
Jonagold Jam, Granite Harrison Rock, Dust Storm, Hay Bale, Gingergold, Recherché, Panini Patricia Pie, Hazelnut, Thunder Tantrum, Night Glimmer.
safe1755097 artist:phobicalbino176 oc713852 oc only466460 oc:dust storm14 oc:gingergold6 oc:granite harrison rock7 oc:hay bale9 oc:hazelnut44 oc:jonagold jam4 oc:night glimmer7 oc:panini patricia pie7 oc:recherché6 oc:thunder tantrum6 bat pony52365 earth pony267827 moose160 pegasus310761 unicorn344170 adopted offspring1133 braces1349 braid6203 braided tail1225 calf87 coat markings5468 colored wings6597 colored wingtips1711 colt15510 dawn pony6 female1405820 filly69917 foal15769 glasses64951 large cutie mark9 leonine tail9225 line-up1061 male389411 mare504182 next generation6002 offspring41000 parent:applejack4145 parent:big macintosh3369 parent:cheese sandwich1888 parent:fancypants832 parent:fluttershy5160 parent:oc:daredevil4 parent:oc:rain buck6 parent:pinkie pie4309 parent:pokey pierce516 parent:rainbow dash6015 parent:rarity4462 parent:twilight sparkle8700 parents:canon x oc1813 parents:cheesepie1604 parents:fluttermac1479 parents:pokeypie465 parents:raripants586 raised hoof48601 short mane958 short tail962 simple background410562 socks (coat markings)3236 spread wings57296 stallion116309 twins2349 white background102889 wing claws269 wings123902


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