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“And just remember, Miss Redtail, if you ever feel insecure about your body image and need someone to talk to, you know where you can find me.” Fluttershy spoke as her squirrel-friend sat casually on her bust. “Believe me, I’ve been there myself.”

The chubby critter chirped back happily as she made her way back down to her cozy shrub where her family resided.

Meanwhile, Twilight and Pinkie were too busy fawning over the adorableness of the squirrels as one of them pops out of the bush, offering them an acorn. Twilight smiled back kindly as she shook her head, “Oh, no. As nice as it was meet you, we can’t accept that. I’m sure you’ll need it more for the winter.”

Suddenly, the squirrel retorted back with string of frustrated chirps and squeaks. Surprised by the sudden outburst, the two girls looked towards each other, then to Fluttershy as she chimed in with a quick translation. “Um, I'm sorry, but I think you should take it."

“Oh! Um… thank you?” Twilight said as she accepted the gift.

“Yeah. We love it.” Pinkie smiled, hoping to cheer up the grumpy woodland creature.

The squirrel grinned back as he hops back into his humble home.

“Sorry about that,” Fluttershy explained, “Please don’t take it personally. They just tend to have a lot of pride when it comes to their traditions.”
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15 comments posted
Background Pony #5E70
I’m with everyone else: the Fluttershy side view is much appreciated, seeing that huge belly hang so low. Especially since it feels like ages since we last saw her (Halloween doesn’t count, we couldn’t see crap under that costume).

And just imagine, before long Rarity will be just as big, if not bigger. And most likely Sunset won’t be far behind.
Background Pony #6AC5
What a side view of fluttershy….why did my shorts suddenly feel tight?

Hey i'm Sunset
Cute story and cute pic. Twilight certainly is getting fuller and I see a double chin forming. That’s a really nice side view of Fluttershy and her hanging belly. Nicely done!