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Starlight pile
artist needed (24598) safe (1523299) artist:bobdude0 (295) artist:burgunzik (296) artist:doctorkoda (121) artist:epicrainbowcrafts (281) artist:hobbes-maxwell (384) artist:kawaiipony2 (188) artist:lanacraft (132) artist:lilmoon (156) artist:nekokevin (859) artist:plushypuppy (62) artist:tsitra (71) applejack (154986) coloratura (2613) derpy hooves (47365) fluttershy (192625) gilda (8875) maud pie (11614) moondancer (4139) pinkie pie (198542) queen chrysalis (31291) rainbow dash (213856) rarity (165045) starlight glimmer (41370) sunset shimmer (54575) tempest shadow (14433) trixie (59773) twilight sparkle (274418) zecora (8547) oc (573740) oc:milky way (2092) oc:nyx (2048) alicorn (183975) earth pony (179661) pegasus (221666) pony (798117) unicorn (243346) series:nekokevin's glimmy (377) 4de (334) bed (34358) blanket (4419) clothes (387914) irl (61691) multeity (1828) photo (69228) picture (1093) pillow (14482) plushie (20995) poster (4640) rainbow socks (1341) rara (979) scarf (20234) socks (53938) starlight cluster (76) striped socks (18325) television (2061) towel (3123) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (111083) window (6786)


not provided yet


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17 comments posted

Pony Hoarder
One quick look at the tag history would show you that I'm not even the one that put those tags there.

Why do you insist on spreading negativity and toxicity all the time? What a miserable life you must lead. We get it, you don't like Starlight. That's fine. Put her tag in your filter and you won't have to see things like this anymore. Quit coming around and trying to shit on people that are minding their own business.
Background Pony #626D
Damn… I'm just getting my first plushie now, but I would love having a collection like this one day <3

Pony Hoarder
They're actually towels that I just hung up like curtains. I'm hoping someone else will be able to identify the artist. I bought them at BronyCon this year, but can't remember from who.