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suggestive (120397) artist:papadragon69 (898) ocellus (4102) spike (71570) changedling (6611) changeling (36464) dragon (43720) comic:spike's cyosa (273) 3d (56536) changeling hive (487) choice (156) choose your own adventure (546) comic (95791) fangs (19631) implied sex (4873) implied threesome (142) male (282823) older (21054) older spike (4213) source filmmaker (33781) teenage spike (639) teenager (3714) winged spike (6382)


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61 comments posted
Background Pony #80D9
Bet you'd like the author to ignore another poll. Seriously, do you complain over everything as much as you do this series? Can you NOT accept one decision that that goes against your own wishes?
David Murphy

That only applies when they look vaguely human, we don't have any qualms with people making love to underage horses, if you don't believe me then look no further than the babycon tag, that's a thing here. I mean there's jailbait and then there's that.

Got a couple of typos. Sixth frame you used both “agreed” and “decided”. Remove one of them. They both work, but not together in the same sentence. And the last frame you inverted the words “to” and “me”.
Background Pony #9F06
Please tell me Spike deviates from the audience and does his own thing. I'm very concerned with the choice of character…