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New outfit~!*

*alright, I made this image trying a new configuration in the brushes and with some others that I downloaded; and also tried to do it in another way … it shows more in the hair and in the jacket she is wearing.
you like it?*

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suggestive145549 artist:wolfmask489 rain shine453 kirin8988 anthro264835 big breasts83891 bimbo4564 breasts283647 busty rain shine29 cleavage35143 clothes467515 female1382144 makeup22148 outfit1366 pants14952 purse592 smiling254491 solo1078620 solo female181547 thighs14359 thunder thighs8661 wide hips17749 yoga pants902


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Background Pony #4C89
So nice to see she's adopted modern culture. Especially the tight clothes part!