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safe (1502713) artist:partylikeanartist (266) starlight glimmer (40803) anthro (214126) unicorn (234005) absurd resolution (62671) belly button (62895) blushing (164752) choker (8046) clothes (382256) ear piercing (18724) earring (15739) eye clipping through hair (3511) fast food (238) food (56050) handbag (133) jewelry (44110) looking away (3024) mcdonald's (543) midriff (17283) mobile (74) phone (4641) piercing (31046) pointing (3412) sassy (319) short shirt (1217) simple background (316557) solo (925730) stomach (652) straw (1601) straw in mouth (715) the hayburger (8) thick eyebrows (280) wcdonald's (3)


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3 comments posted
Artist -
Wallet After Summer Sale -

“ShimSham my GlimGlams”
Even about the fact that you need to charge your phone?

Btw, the fact that it’s a flip phone is 👌.

Sci-Twi Lover
_You think I give a damn about a Grammy?
Half of you critics can't even stomach me, let alone stand me_

Never mess up within' the Equals!