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A Hearth's Warming Booty

A little something that I doodled up for Christmas! A quick thing that I figured I would try and make happen, instead of not doing anything for the holiday!

Here ya go! Rarity is Generosity at her finest indeed~

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explicit (298532) artist:bluebender (309) rarity (163491) pony (777688) unicorn (232956) anus (82219) balls (61760) butt (18063) christmas (11740) clothes (381282) dickgirl (1425) eyeshadow (11625) futa (39268) futa rarity (2338) hearth's warming eve (1112) holiday (15033) intersex (36754) makeup (15714) nudity (312558) plot (68311) ponut (35965) ponyville (4658) presenting (20280) rearity (3374) showing off (367) smiling (197046) socks (52859) solo (923946) solo futa (14230) stockings (26866) taint (4530) teasing (3018) the ass was fat (11728) thigh highs (25732)


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