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ACA alertronic 5000
Meanwhile, shopping mall employes be like "Kill me now. Ive had to listen to this song on repeat for 8 hours every day for the last 3 weeks."
Conversed Corruption
Artist -

Well then...
@Professor Genki
Yeah it's a meme that died, but dead or not, someone wanted to know about it still so I told em. It'll always be used in some way when chances rise because of how bad it was at the time. Many dead memes are still used today mind you even though they're too predictable. (Cory in the House is the best anime)
Conversed Corruption
Artist -

Well then...
@Sugar Morning
How about I explain it in better detail instead of someone mentioning the "dead meme" crap. It was a failed system that launched a year ago by Soulja Boy which hosted virtually every game out there. People bought it and found out that the system was a massive disaster. Other companies went after him and tried to sue him because of the hige library of copyrighted games it had, thus the birth of the Soulja Boy console meme which is still used today only when Soulja Boys name is brought up. There you have it.