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Artist Desc.

WHAT? I don't know, I thought it was funny.
no, it doesn't have sound, I'm too lazy.
all rights reserved to Hasbro, pls don't sue me Q_Q.
safe1750361 artist:mandy141270 adagio dazzle13259 aria blaze10025 sonata dusk13821 human158942 equestria girls206997 rainbow rocks18536 animated100815 annoyed5599 baubles58 christmas14154 christmas lights1799 crying44807 facepalm465 female1401752 gif32128 headband3552 holiday20431 laughing8296 not amused face198 simple background409078 solo1094300 stars16286 tears of laughter886 the dazzlings4466 unamused16754


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