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I realise the last Buttoncest picture I did wasn’t exactly perfect in terms of, y’know, looking anatomically correct, so decided to draw em again to make up for it.
explicit393015 artist:mackstack377 button mash4352 oc787124 oc:cream heart2611 earth pony321457 pony1225293 semi-anthro17647 age difference3095 ahegao28024 anus110224 balls88633 blushing224263 both cutie marks11857 buttoncest425 canon x oc28678 colt16850 creampie35656 cum88362 cumming25995 dialogue74631 distant stare53 female1517162 foal22557 foalcon19662 frog (hoof)16039 horsecock80301 incest15110 male428098 mare566674 mare on colt268 milf10980 mother and son3386 nudity423714 open mouth179144 penetration68300 penis175435 sex138869 shipping220109 size difference16795 straight151484 straight shota1325 television2849 tongue out119853 underhoof58353 vaginal45700 vulva148092


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She can have any stallion she wants! Button must know what makes her climax all too well and she must have dated many stallions before and all were let-downs. Cream Heart is a really good MILF.
Background Pony #8912
in terms of anatomical correctness, you still have a habit of drawing anthro bodies on ponies. most notably their short human necks and those human shoulder joints which ponies and horses don’t have.