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suggestive (120216) artist:sirskipper (22) applejack (153702) discord (27777) fluttershy (191333) pinkie pie (196514) rainbow dash (211739) rarity (163676) twilight sparkle (272348) butterfly (5871) draconequus (7580) earth pony (172989) pegasus (213231) pony (779896) unicorn (234005) the return of harmony (1420) :t (3623) blushing (164752) caught (2797) cloud (30201) comic (95545) dialogue (54940) discoshy (2414) drool (21245) drool string (4799) eyes closed (73773) female (827007) fluttersass (2) jaw drop (195) kissing (21308) making out (501) male (282202) mane six (27800) mare (375565) maze (156) sassy (319) shipping (174539) straight (115457) tongue out (82736) unamused (12320) vomit (504) vomiting (237) wide eyes (15514)


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Alternate source aaaand the description from there, why not:

Technically, he didn’t come to take over Equestria, he came to just have some fun and chaos…

This is if season 2 Fluttershy had the personality of season 9 Fluttershy
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Background Pony #2EDA
yeah I was shock too and yeah r.d. my jaw did drop like that…fluttershy the sweetest, kindest and shy Pegasus with discord the spirit of chaos and disharmony…awesome #discoshy.~ziltromon
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Background Pony #5222
This ship was always based on Beauty and Beast. It was bound to become canon the moment he returned in S3.
Background Pony #ED30
Not sure who has the better reaction between Twilight, Applejack or Rainbow Dash