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Yet One More Idiot
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World's biggest idiot xD
@Beau Skunky
Well at that time, I believe that Little Shop of Horrors was rated (by the BBFC) as a 15. I remember the video's rating getting dropped to 12 in the '90s. These days, the DVD has a PG rating on it. :PPP
Background Pony #C3B3
@Beau Skunky

Is it still a good fighter? I noticed a lot of the ones that are considered good fighters are later nerfed in an update.
Yet One More Idiot
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World's biggest idiot xD
@Beau Skunky

Dammit Beau Skunky, I read that in the same kinda voice as in the original movie. I remember the first time I saw Little Shop of Horrors, I must've been about…what, 7 or 8? My parents were scared to death that it would traumatise me or some shit, but I just found it all hilariously overracted (especially Steve Martin as the evil dentist who accidentally gassed himself to death and was then fed to Audrey II). xD
Beau Skunky
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Life is but a dream

Y'know, on second glance, that huge sprout in the background might be secretly a Mobile Sprout enemy from "EarthBound." (Like the one scene in SSB in the Magicant stage.)
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"I don't get it. I used the seeds from… oh."
"I might have mixed up the geranium seeds and the ones from that universe with all the turtles."
"… Okay, I have a lot of questions, but I'll start with 'How?'"
"Yeah, I really need to label stuff more often."
Yet One More Idiot
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World's biggest idiot xD
They're all adorable! …the pirahna plant a little less so… xD (but still a bit adorable xD)

*Wants to steal Derpy and Blushie away for lots of cuddles, they're so dang cute!*