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suggestive (122883) artist:papadragon69 (955) ocellus (4218) pharynx (827) spike (72532) thorax (3867) changedling (6820) changeling (37583) dragon (44647) comic:spike's cyosa (290) 3d (58389) begging for it (45) changedling brothers (244) changeling hive (509) choice (159) choose your own adventure (577) comic (97547) fangs (20410) king thorax (2502) mooning (271) obsession (146) older (21655) older spike (4311) presenting (20780) prince pharynx (594) sexual harassment (163) source filmmaker (34951) teenage spike (655) teenager (3931) winged spike (6650)


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26 comments posted
Background Pony #F73A
Last time Spike lied it lead to a whole episode's worth of needless blunders doubletiming two monarchs

Tell the truth
Background Pony #E8A3
I did not expect this to be so one sided, though the truth is likely coming out either way and it's better not to be caught in a lie.
I'd say tell the truth, but maybe not all of it. Super coat things a little to make it go over better.
Like saying that we were having her transform to demonstrate different species unique features and due to the lesson plan things got out of claw from there.
Background Pony #A74F
Tell them the truth. You're the one that got Thorax to be friends with everypony, which was awesome. I swear if there's a plot twist, this comic will get way better!