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Alternate Source (Tumblr)
safe1946256 artist:dcon131 applejack186368 rainbow dash257192 human198119 equestria girls230836 alternate hairstyle32940 apple18850 apple cider414 appledash7178 barefoot32179 basket3732 blushing234742 cheek kiss2275 clothes549704 dappled sunlight336 eyes closed118047 feet47965 female1579519 flannel shirt126 food85892 football1804 high res83935 holding hands3343 hoodie17463 humanized109000 kissing28355 lesbian107616 nail polish9849 picnic1552 picnic basket661 picnic blanket1218 pigtails5543 shipping227232 shirt31693 shoes removed183 shorts16874 sports4807 tanktop9409 that pony sure does love cider80 winged humanization9456 wings169087


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