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explicit327864 artist:chango-tan538 oc628778 oc only419170 oc:delicate glow7 oc:summer solstice71 anthro240743 plantigrade anthro29087 ...2176 anthro oc28594 anus89994 armor22368 balls69671 barefoot25710 big balls8472 big breasts74021 breasts254932 breeding807 cervical contact829 cervix1492 cleavage32305 clothed female nude female2691 commission58895 creampie28071 cum74443 cumming20172 curled toes82 curvy6134 dialogue61100 excessive cum2972 feet36719 female1288020 futa42632 futa oc1959 futa on female10906 guard1128 guardsmare512 helmet9916 implied impregnation359 impossibly large balls6082 impossibly large penis12572 instant loss 2koma136 internal cumshot3350 intersex40679 ketchup vein1153 large butt14415 lidded eyes28265 looking at you153013 mare440330 mating press429 oc x oc13826 penetration52517 penis142271 ponut40210 rough sex774 royal guard7165 sex111627 shipping188709 skimpy armor18 skimpy outfit425 spear2285 tail wrap6114 talking to viewer2294 text53673 this will end in pregnancy1126 unconvincing armor1068 unwanted impregnation202 vaginal36198 vein bulge2481 weapon28487 wide hips14626 x-ray7197


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14 comments posted
Background Pony #8B51
Love these instant loss 2komas. She'll make a fine mother royal guard :)
Summer Solstice

@Data Expunged
I'd counter that there's an "Oh Celestia it feels so good …" to bridge the gap between the two, especially given this is an instant defeat type scenario, but I see your point. Could've and likely should've expanded that bridge between the two.
Summer Solstice

@Data Expunged
I won't lie, I think I wrote a bit too much in that regard, and I think I could've made it flow a bit better, but how is it conflicting at all? Not defensive or anything — I genuinely want to know for the sake of improvement.
Background Pony #22BE
Nah, she's always been a bit slow on the uptake. It'll take another dozen mating presses and a few suspended congresses before she learns.