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Name: Lollipop
Gender Identity: Cis girl
Orientation: Straight

Parents: Rarity, Applejack, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie (who gave birth to her)
Siblings: The other "triplets" (names TBA)

Hobbies: Team sports like hoofball, buckball, volleyball, etc. as well as other individual competitions such as bowling, obstacle courses, races, etc. and board/card games. She also enjoys baking, apple bucking, parties, cosmetics, fashion, and adventure.
Special Talent: Making candy and brightening ponies' days by sharing it
Future career: Owns her own candy shop called "Lollipop's Sweet Sugar-pop Shop"

Likes: Sugary treats, pink, plushies, babies, pop music and Sapphire Shores, springtime, and romance
Dislikes: Spicy food, awkward silence, uneventful days, and scary stories

Lollipop is also known as "lil' lolly poppy pop" by Pinkie Pie, and takes quite a lot after her excitable mom. She's a little loud and hyperactive, but much better at reading social cues, rarely ever making anypony uncomfortable like Pinkie sometimes does. In fact, Lollipop is very socially and emotionally literate; she'll often notice a friend or family member is upset before they even do. She knows the best way to cheer everypony up, whether that means a party, or a hug and a quiet place to nap.

She loves her friends and family more than anything, will often put them before her own needs, and can get burned out if she doesn't set some time aside for self care. She's very open and honest, and wears her heart on her sleeve; she can't hide her emotions well, and often won't even try to. Like her mommy Twilight, she can also get a little stressed out over small inconveniences.

Despite loving romance in songs and movies in her teen and young adult years, she's in no rush to find a coltfriend; she's confident love will find her when she's ready. Ponies are often surprised at her maturity, thinking her silly, optimistic attitude indicate that she's childish.

She loves doing things with her moms, and learning new things. She's very athletic, and has lots of fun playing sports. Though, like Rainbow Dash, she has to watch herself because she is very competitive and has to be careful not to overdo it.

Lollipop earned her cutie mark when she and her siblings first made candy rock necklaces with their mommy Pinkie and aunt Maud; she made enough to share with all the other ponies in their class, and was ecstatic at how happy it made them. She earned her cutie mark before either of the other two "triplets," is more outgoing than either of them, and is thus often seen as their leader, though she doesn't think of herself that way.

I think that's about it for now, I'll add more as it comes up (thinking of adding playlists for each of my nextgens, but I'll have to make them first ).

Hope you like her! She likes you!
safe1555517 artist:cartoonboyfriends19 oc593657 oc:lollipop42 pony826611 unicorn257554 american football643 apron3804 clothes401020 crying39571 female879705 filly58438 mare404250 multiple parents174 offspring33642 parent:applejack3192 parent:fluttershy3941 parent:pinkie pie3514 parent:rainbow dash4881 parent:rarity3461 parent:twilight sparkle7123 parents:omniship11 reference sheet10355 sports2817


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