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Clop for a Cause 5 is here!
The show may have ended not too long ago but our team is still up for another year. Like always, we get bigger every year and we packed so many goodies this time around. You'll also be helping us make this a better Christmas for kids if you buy the Deluxe addition.

What’s in it?
From a team of +70 artists, we have created unique pieces of art to get in the right mood for the holidays. The theme for this pack is Christmas time and that cold winter season. This pack contains numerous edits that include mares and stallions being filled with that good Christmas spirit, wardrobe changes, and so much more.

Plus We also have a special fan-fiction and a Aussie themed collaboration this year for free.

What cause?
This entire art pack is non-profit! Every single penny will go to the Toys for Tots Foundation anonymously, just in time for Christmas! Their goal is to give toys to kids and needy families across the nation, and we found this to be a cause worth supporting!

Standard Edition
This version has 73 images, (one image from each artist) at 1500 pixel resolution. Best of all, it’s free!

Price: $0 – Free
The Basic Edition will be available from December 18th – January 15th.
[Click here]

Deluxe Edition
This contains all images which is 80 and +50 edits. Each picture is at a ~2800 pixel resolution. It also includes PSD/CLIP/SAI work files!

Price: $5.00 + any additional amount you’re willing to donate

The Deluxe Edition will be available from

December 18th – January 15th

[Click Here To Buy]

Who's in the Pack this time?
Sugar Morning: Discord:itssugarmorning#1122 Discord Server Twitter Website Derpi
Moonatik: Twitter Derpi Newgrounds
Avery Valentine: Twitter Deviantart Derpi
Cherry Bomb (CremeDeLaClop): Twitter
Celsian: Derpi Deviantart Inkbunny Twitter Discord:celsian#9305
LockHeart: Twitter Furaffinity Newgrounds Pixiv Inkbunny
FacelessJr: Derpi
Hermaeus Xerxes: Twitter
Lore Love: FimFiction Twitter
Tenenbris: Twitter Derpi
TheSpicyPaprika: Twitter Furraffinity
PG: He never gave me his sources :c
Elijah: Twitter Derpi
SeafoodDinner: Deviantart CfudDinner CDinner18(NSFW) Derpi
Rice: Twitter Derpi Furaffinity
Techy: Twitter Derpi
Element: Twitter
Lurker: Twitter
Omi: Website Twitter Patreon
Beardie: Twitter
Itu: Twitter Derpi
Grab: Twitter
Spookitty: Twitter Website Patreon
Joey: Derpi Twitter
Whatsapokemon: Twitter Website
CowsRTasty: Twitter (SFW) Twitter (NSFW)
Starry: Twitter Derpi
DimFann: Twitter (SFW) Twitter (NSFW)
Htpot: Twitter
NDF (nicelydrawnfillise): Derpi Twitter Patreon Devianart
SugarlessPaints: Patreon Twitter Inkbunny Pixiv Deviantart
JetWave: Twitter Devianart Inkbunny NewTumbl
Mona: Twitter Derpi Discord:Mona#6969
32232232: Derpi Twitter Tumblr Deviantart
Atmosseven: Twitter Atmosseven Newgrounds
Selenophile: Twitter Derpi
Rhorse: Artstation Twitter Derpi
Fenix Dust: Twitter Derpi Deviantart
PedalsPony: Twitter Derpi Inkbunny Furaffinity
Jargon Scott: Twitter Derpi
Helemaranth: Twitter Patreon Derpi
Czaroslaw: Twitter Deviantart Derpi Newgrounds
Dnon: Derpi Furaffinity
liefsong: Twitter Derpi Furaffinity
PonyQuarantine: Twitter
Drawfig: Derpi
Bluemeganium: Derpi
Velenor: Newgrounds Twitter
Yukomaussi: Twitter Furaffinity Derpibooru
Wenni: Twitter (SFW) Twitter (NSFW) Derpibooru Patreon
Dattebayo: Twitter
Ivy Rose: Twitter Derpi Patreon
MKogwheelR18: Twitter (NSFW) Twitter (SFW) Newgrounds Derpi
Fiyawerks: Twitter Picarto Newgrounds Derpi Deviantart Furaffinity New Tumbl Youtube
d00mf1sh: Twitter (SFW) Twitter (NSFW) Deviantart Derpi
The-Minuscule-Task: Twitter Furaffinity Newgrounds Derpi
Vincher: Twitter Derpi
Floralshitpost: Twitter Derpi
Tacodeltaco: Twitter Derpi
Twiren: Twitter Derpi Furaffinity
Pabbley: Twitter Derpi
AN-M: Twitter Deviantart Derpi
KundoFox: Twitter Derpi
Rog: Twitter
Aponty: Twitter Furaffinity Inkbunny
Clear Vision: Twitter Furaffinity Derpi
Taytinabelle: Website Twitter Instagram
Zajice: Twitter Derpi Patreon
JustAFallingStar: Twitter Derpi Furaffinity
Lux: Twitter Derpi
Dragonpone: Derpi
Horseface: Twitter Derpi
Naughtypony2010: Derpi

Additionally, 100% of your payment goes to Toys for Tots anonymously. If you would like to support the artists, consider commissioning them in some way. :)

Important reminder
We will never send you a private message or email asking you to donate. If you get any of these, it is not us.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope you will enjoy our work!
suggestive135363 artist:/d/non1165 artist:an-m740 artist:anonymousdrawfig73 artist:atmosseven288 artist:avery-valentine244 artist:beardie788 artist:bluemeganium369 artist:blvckmagic171 artist:celsian112 artist:clear vision70 artist:cowsrtasty190 artist:cremedelaclop109 artist:czaroslaw50 artist:datte-before-dawn401 artist:dimfann991 artist:dragonpone343 artist:expression289 artist:fenixdust336 artist:fiyawerks116 artist:floralshitpost87 artist:graboiidz217 artist:helemaranth318 artist:hermaeus xerxes195 artist:horseface64 artist:htpot281 artist:itsmeelement72 artist:jargon scott2219 artist:jetwave444 artist:joey273 artist:justafallingstar233 artist:kundofox116 artist:liefsong320 artist:littlenaughtypony764 artist:lockheart433 artist:lurker135 artist:lux121 artist:mkogwheel869 artist:monanniverse107 artist:moonatik718 artist:niggerdrawfag189 artist:niggerfaggot462 artist:pabbley2284 artist:pedalspony427 artist:pony quarantine653 artist:rice673 artist:seafooddinner102 artist:selenophile1000 artist:spicypaprika16 artist:spookitty117 artist:starry5643318 artist:sugar morning1279 artist:sugarlesspaints1603 artist:tacodeltaco81 artist:taytinabelle100 artist:techycutie219 artist:tenenbris457 artist:the-minuscule-task528 artist:threetwotwo322321245 artist:twiren342 artist:vincher555 artist:wenni228 artist:whatsapokemon1328 artist:yukomaussi503 artist:zajice252 applejack164583 blossomforth1406 braeburn6126 cloudchaser3788 coco pommel5758 derpy hooves49078 diamond tiara9966 dj pon-328670 gallus6351 limestone pie4805 marble pie6275 moondancer4662 octavia melody23211 pinkie pie209964 princess celestia92321 rainbow dash226617 rarity175957 scootaloo50134 silver spoon6347 smolder7385 soarin'13631 spitfire13063 thunderlane3947 twilight sparkle291778 twist2821 vinyl scratch28670 zecora9061 kirin7758 pony905254 art pack:clop for a cause 5112 advertisement8237 animated95285 art pack1083 christmas13736 clop for a cause 53 collaboration5077 holiday19009 no sound3802 text55076 that one dragon that looks like scootaloo but whose name i forget1 webm11873


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Background Pony #3BC4
Can you really blame him? There's only like 170 foalcon images of Smolder, and a lot of those are just variants.
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Background Pony #EDC5
The center, non moving character is apparently 'torque wrench' but there is to many moving character picture for me to attempt to name them all … maybe someone could fill in the tags later ?
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Background Pony #F891
how does one go about being on this? is there just an open call or is there some sort of list one needs to be on?
Posted Report
Background Pony #354C
A little late, but I just picked up my pair of DEs, since I plan on sharing, plus another $5 thrown on top. ;P

Hope someone gets to enjoy it. Happy New Year.
Posted Report

Good thing the money is donated anonymously. Imagine their reactions when they find out they got money from selling pony porn.
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