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Rini-chan commissions

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Standing guard near the gates of Yakyakistan, Iron Wingheart and The Sentinel Order prepares to defend Equestria's ally from a threat that hailed from beyond the stars, an empire that dwarfs any nation in the known world. Armed with the Lance of Solaris, the same weapon his father once used, Iron was ready to take up the symbol of hope once more with his AESIR Battle Armor as his shield.
safe1554698 artist:kenisu-of-dragons34 oc593129 oc only403914 oc:iron wingheart19 bird6571 hybrid14721 parrot377 pegasus232185 armor21268 commission49777 context in description70 forest8615 helmet9289 interspecies offspring6179 lance276 lance of solaris1 male298796 mountain4321 offspring33602 parent:captain celaeno27 parent:oc:azure glide15 parents:azurlaeno17 parents:canon x oc1778 power armor1104 snow12405 snow-covered tree3 snowfall4152 solo958611 visor563 weapon26699 wings71807


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