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Potentially one of my favorite ships in the Young Six. I find them adorable. TvT

Tried to give Smolder (left) a more older look, didn't like her canon one, ick. Henceforth, I gave her a few piercings amongst the horns, cuz why not? I feel like Smolder would be like bisexual or something. A lot of people ship her with Spike… Hrm.

Ocellus is precious changeling cinnamon roll. I also did not like her canon older look, so she just looks the same, in my headcanon. She's also the very first female changeling to come out as lesbian.

They're like young adults or something in this drawing. idk i don't quite understand dragon or changeling age oof.

This piece was probably my first time shading practically EVERYTHING. (No, I'm not caught up yet TvT)

Plz note: This is yet another AU. It is not canon (unfortunately). These two are canon in the Sprinkleverse though.

cough cough No hate comments cough
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