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[fix] Purple
I was frustrated for a long time with Derpy’s raised front leg. Too many joints.
Original: www.deviantart.com/styroponywo…
safe1993130 artist:styroponyworks388 derpy hooves54302 pegasus415756 pony1345872 alternate hairstyle33904 clothes567515 crying51050 dress54760 featured image1082 female1623409 folded wings13515 gradient background18015 high res87877 mare629260 mirror6556 open mouth201698 solo1286058 tears of joy3128 teeth16014 underp769 wing hole128 wings179637


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She’s so cute!!! But if I could be a critic for a second… I would love for her eyes to be derped, we all love her for her for that!! And her legs raised is super cute!!!
Background Pony #2946
Modeling a dress that never saw daylight.
Her regret is apparent through the tears flowing from her eyes
Background Pony #2946
Horse. Purple and grey, with a hay-colored mane. Looks at herself in disdian.
Background Pony #33F1
Why everyone say she’s crying…there’s no tears.
I think.. she is frown, a little worried, because she’ve always seen herself as a goofy awkward silly pony she think she is. And now she looks in the mirror and what she sees is a beautiful elegant flawless mare…probably is a little weird to her, but weird in a positive way.
I feel positive vibe from this.
Amazing hairstyle btw!
Background Pony #4E7D
People underestimate Derpy’s beauty. Now could we see an anthro, classy Derpy? Please