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The Royal Audience
A finished commission for
Featuring Princess Celestia enjoying a bit of lewd treatment and casual worship of her royal jewels during one of many audiences! Lyra and Bon Bon seem more than happy to oblige! So utterly shameless~! Wew!
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explicit417589 artist:bluebender394 bon bon17829 lyra heartstrings32168 princess celestia105142 sweetie drops17829 anthro316100 unguligrade anthro58443 anatomically correct30053 anus119175 ass68996 ball sucking772 ball worship663 balls95561 balls fetish1312 belly button95830 big breasts107057 breasts343674 busty bon bon638 busty lyra heartstrings1127 busty princess celestia12247 butt179405 commission96849 crown24998 cum93714 dock62049 drool30324 exhibitionism11315 fetish49296 futa55029 futa princess celestia3110 horsecock86149 jewelry91410 kneeling11213 masturbation21859 musk1509 nipples211889 nudity452791 oral57872 oral worship14 penis187783 ponut55165 precum13303 regalia29869 sitting78751 sweat33685 sweaty balls914 throne3737 throne room1327 underhoof61830 vagina53278 vulva161301 whitekitten654


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