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suggestive134865 artist:graphenescloset653 oc640812 oc only425728 oc:magna-save616 pony901119 unicorn293646 adorafatty320 ass45587 both cutie marks9779 butt45017 butts198 clothes434140 cute189113 fat21001 female1302108 high res24007 huge butt9073 impossibly large butt6781 impossibly wide ass89 impossibly wide hips2171 large butt14938 mare448140 ocbetes4650 shirt22920 silly7205 simple background369529 smiling229403 solo1017575 solo female173548 the ass was fat13150 thighs10633 thunder thighs7533 wide hips15006


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Steamy the Brony
Artist -

1st-aaaaawwww… You're so cute and adorable, Magna! X3 ♡

2nd-wow… what a lovely fat ass/wide hips. X3 XD

3rd-Ya, I love (girls) butts, especially when it's big/fat, though I think I prefer (big/fat) bellies. :3

4th-I love your arts, @GrapheneDraws ;3
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