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suggestive167233 artist:graphenescloset727 oc809282 oc only597614 oc:magna-save869 pony1265149 unicorn419375 adorafatty373 ass64425 both cutie marks12191 butt155104 butts218 clothes539792 cute228162 fat25211 female1553206 high res80966 huge butt12512 impossibly large butt8464 impossibly wide ass121 impossibly wide hips2519 large butt23604 mare587281 ocbetes7040 shirt30947 silly8030 simple background480068 smiling314951 solo1224533 solo female201487 the ass was fat17718 thighs20351 thunder thighs11439 wide hips22888


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Steamy the Brony
Artist -

1st-aaaaawwww… You’re so cute and adorable, Magna! X3 ♡
2nd-wow… what a lovely fat ass/wide hips. X3 XD
3rd-Ya, I love (girls) butts, especially when it’s big/fat, though I think I prefer (big/fat) bellies. :3
4th-I love your arts, @GrapheneDraws ;3