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no one can convince me that PinkiePie is not both fun to draw while equally a nightmare too. She IS. Her hair has crucified my fingertips and I will be seeing green from color deprivation after doing her wildly pink color palette. Oy-vei.


Pink becomes the new owner of Sugarcube Corner, which also becomes the party-planning capitol of Equestria with the help from her mate, Cheese.
Pink has only two children. One from a courtship she thought would be fun and happy, but she was sorely wrong. However, she moved on from it, and took her only daughter with her, who she spoils absolutely rotten. The second is definitely kin to her Rock Pie family.
Pink has since calmed down in her older age. But she is no less fun.
She is very, very FLUFFY.


safe (1484848) artist:loladotz (92) pinkie pie (194684) earth pony (166682) pony (763645) the last problem (2947) spoiler:s09e26 (3105) bow (21094) cheek fluff (3537) chest fluff (28049) cutie mark (36078) ear fluff (19698) female (809737) hair bow (11310) older (20487) older pinkie pie (379) one eye closed (22113) open mouth (110483) simple background (309573) smiling (193595) solo (913470) transparent background (161370) unshorn fetlocks (19911) wink (19706)


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