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safe1556668 artist:redruin0135 princess celestia89081 princess luna93181 twilight sparkle279975 oc594449 oc:anon11234 alicorn191267 human140060 pony827794 /mlp/8988 4chan6127 :o3394 :|382 chest fluff31584 dialogue58932 drawthread2034 eyebrows visible through hair676 female880902 frown21366 grin32243 hub logo9207 hubble2134 human male6178 lidded eyes24743 lineart18762 male299459 mare404929 no pupils3392 open mouth120555 partial color4628 ponified37805 sitting53876 smiling210167 smirk10675 spread wings46848 subtitles1254 text49898 the hub2518 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113834 wide eyes16027 wing fluff1395 wings72244 worried3339


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Background Pony #3604
>Dark definition of "dream".
>Comes from a japanese meme.
Sadly fitting, I suppose.