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I forgot that I already had a drawing of Slain, but I already made the figure so yeah, consider this an update for the Enenra possessed ponies(basically the mouth) and an update on Valkrye's(Slain's) personality and such due to some "knowledge" I obtained about her. Also wanted to try a little "what if" armor that Celestia might use against Corruption and his army, she calls it the Wasp. Pretty much it's a type of flexible metal that can form weapons from the ends of the arms and has strong defense and speed for when entering a battle. Revlis decided to join Celestia and inform her on what he knows about the Enenras…he doesn't have much info.

Corruption: It's only…a matter of time.
Here is the old look for the pony shades →

Original characters © poci20
MlE FiI/Enenra/Shade/Art © (me)
MlpFim © Hasbro and Fausticorn
safe (1483418) artist:didun850 (341) oc (554816) oc only (379000) oc:valkyr (5) pony (762389) unicorn (225853) artificial wings (1098) augmented (1817) black sclera (1412) clothes (375050) dark background (613) glowing horn (14443) goggles (12141) grin (29590) horn (30827) magic (60453) magic wings (512) ov:revlis (1) possessed (1345) sharp teeth (2660) smiling (193356) sombra eyes (2742) teeth (6835) telekinesis (22146) unshorn fetlocks (19873) wings (58776)


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