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The wallpaper I made for my comic's blog. Note it's gonna be updated every know and a then, you'll know when it does.

All cutie marks belong to their rightful owners by the way.
safe1636022 artist:didun850368 applejack164270 babs seed5659 berry punch6329 berryshine6321 big macintosh27368 bon bon15856 bulk biceps3351 cheese sandwich3882 cherry jubilee1075 cloudchaser3783 coco pommel5746 coloratura2806 daring do6268 diamond tiara9947 dj pon-328626 doctor whooves10507 double diamond1625 fancypants1874 filthy rich1115 flash sentry12329 fleur-de-lis3458 flitter2953 fluttershy205285 granny smith5189 lightning dust4394 limestone pie4798 lyra heartstrings28679 marble pie6259 maud pie12136 minty1185 minuette5614 moondancer4650 night glider1312 nightmare moon16287 nurse redheart3433 party favor1472 pinkie pie209571 princess luna96389 rainbow dash226222 rarity175639 screwball1430 shining armor22332 silver spoon6338 snails5209 snips4132 star swirl the bearded1936 starlight glimmer46411 sugar belle2955 sunset shimmer59870 sweetie drops15856 time turner10503 trouble shoes1098 twilight sparkle291272 twist2821 vinyl scratch28626 wind rider227 oc640816 oc:abyss11 oc:abyssal zone6 oc:afterlight7 oc:blue151 oc:condoor3 oc:elude5 oc:ember148 oc:mad dog8 oc:peace dove11 oc:russian roulette7 cutie mark43915 cutie mark only1152 mane six30787 no pony8929 the cmc's cutie marks4683


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