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Originally posted on: December 8, 2015
Day 8: Last Christmas

Awe, It's a brokenhearted Reindeer, who is willing to give her a home and some love?


Owner: LillithCrescent w/ 150 Points

Adopt Guidelines

Credit WaterLillyHearts for the Species, whenever they are drawn.
Mention me when you draw them, I'd LOVE to see!
Small Changes are allowed, such as Unicorn, Pegasus, Earth but that is the only change you can make for this [Christmas Advent] in particular. Small Details can be changed.
Do not change any into Royals, Alicorns, or another Species (Except Regular Ponies)
No Breeding of any of the Rare-Subspecies please!

Lastly, don't forget to Credit Me & dragonflyfire8 at least once and to Credit WaterLillyHearts for the Species, everytime.

For more information about the Species, please check out the InkyPonies Group! All information can be found here, please do a thorough search before you ask any questions.

Lineart by: dragonflyfire8
Colour by: PoneBox
safe (1487296) artist:dragonflyfire8 (26) artist:ponebox (34) oc (557212) oc only (380185) deer (3980) deer pony (830) original species (19847) antlers (1500) clothes (376598) collaboration (4321) female (811801) mare (366829) reindeer antlers (409) scarf (19418) simple background (310515) socks (coat marking) (1413) solo (915157) transparent background (161947) unshorn fetlocks (19975)


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