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Been playing around with my style recently and I like this look! Super angular and stylized. Might do more with this in the future!

hi res is up on my patreon!
safe (1485967) artist:whisperfoot (576) oc (556499) oc:berry frost (154) anthro (210843) earth pony (167101) angular (3) arm warmers (415) blushing (162173) cheek fluff (3545) chest fluff (28098) chest freckles (523) clothes (376043) collar (26018) ear blush (242) ear fluff (19734) ear freckles (273) eyeshadow (11378) fangs (19049) freckles (22217) lidded eyes (21060) looking at you (128780) makeup (15353) male (276097) open mouth (110648) sharp teeth (2674) shoulder fluff (1250) shoulder freckles (797) simple background (309956) smiling (193789) solo (914200) stylized (119) teeth (6858) triangle (208)


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Background Pony #5189
I had this weird dream that I was onstage with Berry for some reason and for some reason everyone was angry at him and it sparked a huge argument and he started being a tough guy. And it caused like 6 ponies to come onstage ready to fight, and Berry runs backstage almost instantly while they chased sfter him. Then I hear 2 gunshots and Berry going "You gonna stop? Huh? HUH!?" and then all the ponies run back into the crowd while everypony was in complete shock now. Iol
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