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safe1615089 artist:underpable842 spike75738 twilight sparkle288231 alicorn205948 dragon50894 pony882791 :o3516 are you frustrated?116 blush sticker2267 blushing182492 book31502 chocolate3102 chocolate milk698 colored pupils8903 dialogue60958 digital art14972 female1285700 floppy ears47810 fourth wall2169 frown21829 god has come to reap the sinners15 gray background6297 gritted teeth10850 impossibly long neck283 long neck968 looking at you152508 looking up14809 male343632 mare439244 meme79590 milk4060 necc304 not salmon2154 on back22967 open mouth129803 retribution2 scared9731 scroll3211 shocked6184 simple background360970 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118345 wat18634 wide eyes16348 wtf2065


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Background Pony #900C

Did you see the sequel where he sings about his mom in one of the songs?

I remember now
Like it was yesterday
She would hold me close
And then I'd hear her say
"You know I'll never leave you…
You can find me everywhere
In the morning light, the evening star
I'm always there"