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safe1638551 artist:tzc422 fluttershy205580 sci-twi22968 spike76622 sunset shimmer60028 twilight sparkle291649 breezie2101 dragon52130 pony904200 unicorn295109 equestria girls191013 anime5104 breasts260568 breeziefied478 busty twilight sparkle11374 clothes435255 converse5374 crossover60015 digital art15884 female1304392 flutterbreez81 glasses58239 pokémon8824 pokémon trainer146 rotomdex1 shoes33507 smiling230035 species swap18314 thighs10769 thunder thighs7560


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I've seen a couple attempts at legit teams for the Mane Six and beyond. What I really want to see is someone make an AU where Equestria is a region in the Pokémon world.
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