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source needed13935 safe1639684 artist:plunger202 oc643269 oc only426927 oc:anon11320 oc:filly anon2514 earth pony224239 human148665 pony905344 :p8041 :t3672 angry25606 arm behind back5580 arrest15 baton216 belt5054 clothes435792 cocaine178 cuffs4088 cute189702 dialogue62043 drugs2274 female1305444 filly62891 filly anon is not amused25 frown22105 glare8128 green background2132 grumpy2440 hand cuffs199 handcuffed381 insult359 licking19130 mouth hold16347 multeity2130 nightstick64 police1126 police brutality22 police pony197 prone24453 raised eyebrow6386 raised hoof42101 self paradox1223 simple background370928 smiling230357 stuck2450 stupid82 tongue out97348 unamused15054 uniform9953 weapon29054


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Would there be more or less crime if there were hordes of such cute cops? More because many would enjoy being manhandled by them or less because getting arrested is such a bother no matter who does it?
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Azure Fang
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Oh no, he's here?
Pulled the "multeity" tag. The general idea behind these has been tgat every time someone stops creating content in the /mlp/ thread it's because they were sucked into Equestria and became another filly.