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Absolutely Fabulous was one of those shows I was introduced to because my parents watched it too, even though many of the jokes just flew over my head when I was younger (considering what kind of jokes they were, that probably was for the better). Last summer I happened to catch some late-night reruns, and I thought to myself: "How cool would it be if you did this, but with Celestia and Luna in the place of Edina and Patsy". And so, here we are.

And yes, I accidentally drew Tia's cutie mark the wrong way around, generally I always tend to draw a cutie mark the wrong way if it's asymmetrical. Maybe I can somehow blame my left-handedness for that… I might consider this my holiday-themed drawing for this year, since even if this show wouldn't be otherwise on air, the Christmas special is always likely to show up on some channel.

So merry Christmas, Hearthswarming, etc. now already!

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