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safe1636652 artist:jhayarr231121 edit125409 starlight glimmer46426 pony901653 unicorn293940 betrayal504 book31947 bronybait2904 chipmunk cheeks26 cute189209 dialogue61870 eating9140 female1302629 food65782 glimmerbetes3652 glowing horn18190 hoof on cheek265 horn55362 looking at you156323 magic69605 mare448387 messy eating1117 moral event horizon100 open mouth132954 pineapple pizza76 pizza1824 prone24408 show accurate12798 solo1018009 talking to viewer2355 telekinesis26174 that pony sure does love pineapple pizza27


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Background Pony #3309
On one hand, a sweet and adorable pony offering me pizza. On the other hand, pineapple on pizza.
This presents a problem.
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