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Originally posted on: March 2, 2016
2-3 suggested Twilights by poci20 lonewuf
Request #1 is now Closed for now →

Request #1- Twilight Sparkle(CLOSED)How many (alternate) Twilights(mlpfim etc.) can you think of: emo, sombra, nerd, antro, human, hippy(?), etc.
Just comment a Twilight and I'll make a quick sketch of it sometime when I get back in the 2D mood.

Short Summary
Misrule: Imagine Twilight gaining powers stronger than Discord, Sombra, and Tirek…also she is an Overlord.
Craze Twi: Wen insane obviously~
Number 14: A hitman sooooooo, yeah.
Discorded Twilight Sparkle: We all who this is.
Dusk Watch: A powerful magician…probably have an idea on what to use this one for…probably.
Art/Designs Etc. © (me)
Given Ideas to poci20 lonewuf
MlpFim © Hasbro and Fausticorn
safe (1487865) artist:didun850 (368) king sombra (12099) twilight sparkle (269808) pony (766371) unicorn (227770) assassin (210) bald (900) bust (34759) chainsaw (688) cloak (3530) clothes (376771) corrupted twilight sparkle (442) crown (11936) discorded (1354) eyeliner (791) eyepatch (2446) female (812534) glowing horn (14528) gun (13056) hood (1027) horn (31206) jewelry (43039) magic (60690) makeup (15399) male (276671) mare (367368) red eyes (4543) regalia (13832) simple background (310708) slit eyes (3392) sombra eyes (2750) stallion (80720) telekinesis (22268) transparent background (162049) unicorn twilight (9300) weapon (24493)


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