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While in Equestria for the Hearth's Warming, the daughters of Sunset Shimmer and Twilight "SciTwi" Shimmer (née Sparkle) try out their magic for the first time.

This is part of a larger project so stay tuned for the rest.

Baby Foals Base by SelenaEde: source
safe (1524424) artist:pabrony83 (57) oc (574436) oc:gleaming dusk (4) oc:solaria radiance (3) pony (799558) unicorn (243997) equestria girls (172565) baby (8369) cute (167554) equestria girls ponified (3802) foal (14299) freckles (23793) laughing (6755) magic (62695) magic aura (2485) magical lesbian spawn (9411) offspring (32075) parent:sci-twi (203) parent:sunset shimmer (1275) parents:scitwishimmer (174) ponified (37024) sitting (51870)


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