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safe1636632 artist:pridark1766 oc641173 oc only425923 oc:electric sparkz10 oc:icicle crash10 oc:spiral galaxies20 oc:zippy sparkz119 bat pony46164 deer5080 pegasus264703 pony901645 unicorn293932 bat pony oc15658 blanket5028 blue coat276 blue eyes4474 blue hair857 christmas13694 christmas lights1708 christmas stocking651 christmas tree4060 christmas wreath365 clothes434439 commission60996 cutie mark43956 deer oc485 ear piercing23885 earring19486 eyes closed85957 fire10745 fireplace2648 green coat111 green eye67 hearth's warming843 hearth's warming eve1291 hearth's warming tree115 holding2832 holiday18953 ice deer5 indoors2365 jewelry56943 looking out the window55 mouth hold16292 night24707 orange hair208 pegasus oc7835 piercing37945 pink hair999 present5781 purple coat49 purple hair650 scarf22239 sitting58867 snow13297 stockings30531 thigh highs32215 tiara3602 tree30287 unicorn oc6192 white christmas4 white hair379 white markings7 window7899 wreath881 yellow coat134


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