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safe (1484727) artist:bravewind (24) pinkie pie (194663) oc (555645) oc:bravewind (7) unnamed oc (1380) bat pony (38347) cat (4746) chicken (1334) dragon (42205) fox (976) original species (19777) rabbit (3789) shark (1251) shark pony (1513) sylveon (174) :p (6227) animal (2647) antlers (1499) apple (13572) badge (937) banana (1876) bat pony oc (11360) bat wings (3085) blurry (513) breasts (216530) bubble (4047) candle (3788) colored wings (4449) commission info (896) donut steel (606) featureless breasts (2023) fire (9180) fireball (162) flower (19527) food (54801) furry (3731) lantern (1253) lineart (16961) logo (3087) mlem (658) multicolored hair (3758) multicolored mane (589) multicolored tail (751) multicolored wings (1901) orange (774) original character do not steal (591) paw prints (258) pixel art (8555) pixelated (205) pokémon (7903) prototype (258) pumpkin (3370) rainbow antlers (6) rainbow colors (27) rainbow hair (1545) rainbow tail (146) shark tail (38) silly (6668) simple background (309522) sprite (1963) swirls (54) sword (9833) tags galore (11) tags needed (23) text (43925) tongue out (80802) transparency (6) transparent (647) unowned character (1) weapon (24401) wings (58936)


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While this advice is sound and we welcome criticism, your phrasing and wording are needlessly aggressive. Please tone it down.

Also, if someone is breaking the rules, please use reports to notify staff instead of leaving comments.
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Your awful choice of colors that results in clashing and unreadability and your insistence on being daft (not reading collab's rules, trying to rules-lawyer Derpi's rules, removing "advertisement" tag from this blatant advertisement) considerably reduce your chance of getting commissions from me (to zero) and presumably from other people.