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My laptop cable charger started sparking, i have a new one on the way but for now i can only draw on paper

Have a Littlepip
safe (1482965) artist:brainiac (1363) derpibooru exclusive (21782) oc (554486) oc only (378734) oc:littlepip (3573) pony (762005) unicorn (225642) fallout equestria (14248) black and white (9985) clothes (374852) fanfic (9802) fanfic art (11904) female (807817) glowing horn (14436) grayscale (32161) hooves (15176) horn (30783) levitation (9366) magic (60427) magic aura (2198) mare (364386) monochrome (138413) pipbuck (3061) self-levitation (481) simple background (308837) sketch (55216) solo (912220) telekinesis (22138) traditional art (102044) vault suit (3014) white background (77171)


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A Clever Message
Is she dramatically levitating herself into battle, or grumpy that someone is levitating her out of it? All we know is that pain will follow.
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