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My laptop cable charger started sparking, i have a new one on the way but for now i can only draw on paper

Have a Littlepip
safe1640461 artist:brainiac1756 derpibooru exclusive26601 oc643744 oc only427174 oc:littlepip3973 pony905995 unicorn295898 fallout equestria16204 black and white12343 clothes436088 fanfic10298 fanfic art13718 female1306078 glowing horn18260 grayscale36692 hooves17188 horn55981 levitation11430 magic69807 magic aura3522 mare450279 monochrome146135 pipbuck3391 self-levitation597 simple background371202 sketch60067 solo1020785 telekinesis26254 traditional art113605 vault suit3323 white background92046


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Is she dramatically levitating herself into battle, or grumpy that someone is levitating her out of it? All we know is that pain will follow.
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