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Just Moosin and Fort chillin on a couch, they're officially a couple now. But this picture does look a bit weird when regarded without context :>

I haven't been able to draw much lately…
suggestive135423 artist:mopyr212 oc643923 oc only427272 oc:fort15 oc:moosin53 hybrid16911 original species23219 anthro246057 anthro oc28914 balls71223 big balls8773 black sclera1865 bulges405 clothes436185 colored pupils9058 couch7621 couple5002 evening gloves7971 female1306320 femboy8624 fetish37603 gloves18781 horn56036 impossibly large balls6213 larger female614 long gloves5211 male351553 muscle fetish1153 muscles11039 size difference13256 socks62270 stockings30654 thigh highs32718


not provided yet


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Background Pony #EF44
Her leg is teasing/stroking him in his pants?

While wearing stockings? o_o

If so that's VERY hot!
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