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My Little Waifu
Finally, I've completed my Koikatsu My Little Pony characters. And they're here for you to download and use in your Koikatsu game! Make scenes with them or just enjoy dating them in your main game.

Here's the mega link

Credit to Kokonashi for the image. They've got some more images on Pixiv if you search the name. They're not on Derpybooru for various reasons. If they ever make pony images they've given me permission to upload them here provided the images are safe for Derpybooru of course.
safe1640428 artist:kokonashi23 artist:theextraguy171 apple bloom48024 applejack164645 fluttershy205786 pinkie pie210035 rainbow dash226685 rarity176026 scootaloo50146 sweetie belle47801 twilight sparkle291872 human148719 3d70042 anime5113 barefoot26275 braid5077 clothes436077 converse5384 cowboy hat14409 cutie mark crusaders18584 dress42255 elf ears1864 feet37578 female1306044 glasses58328 group3270 hat81856 humanized97424 koikatsu275 mane six30866 pantyhose3336 peace sign2694 pigtails4521 ribbon6824 shoes33645 shorts13122 skirt37768 socks62261 stetson4918 thigh highs32710 twintails1615 unicorns as elves340 wing ears297 winged humanization8467


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NexGen Blender Dev
Doesn't seem to be working. I put the character cards into UserData→chara→female but they are not showing up in game.
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