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Me: i can feel something burning behind me…
Ember-gelato: maybe it's my little tail of passion
Me: hope so

ValkyrP-macaron: ………….

I was reusing Ember again after 4 days of Ember update, Ember used to be my second favorite warframe after Valkyr(and prime), and after i making this series, i'm kind of making her as the image of Cure Gelato from Precure A la mode

i notice i always gain so much "DAMAGE(insert meme here)", when i'm using Ember ,it's more effecience than before because the energy is not using so fast like before

so basicaly, you can stike the enemy as much as you like once your energy charge full
and with the blassed power of range buff mod, Ember will become the next generation of destruction next to Sayrn

and since i always have problem about mobile defence mission,interception and defence,Ember really make the job more easier, and with the also power and mobility of Ferrox combine, you can give as much damage as you want

I spand a lot of time to convince my Macaron back to the kitty house, i mean , she 's always be my no1 ,it's just i'm not using her as much as before that is

i hope she won't after me after this .│││

what? what do you mean there's rage energy behind me? what can possibly gone wrong? right?

Sean & Gelato

Macaron: i swear,meow.
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