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On this Nightmare Night, we will get to see Queen Galaxia unveil her alter ego for the celebrations and holiday of horror. For Nightmare Pulsar will bring terror and fright to all the little fillies and colts. All the while Tommy and the rest of the royal family enjoy the festivities and fun the holiday brings. Including lots of candy and excitement!!

Done by the lovely CandyClumsy

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safe1639304 artist:candyclumsy611 oc643014 oc:candy clumsy94 oc:tommy the human446 alicorn211079 human148619 pony905048 comic:nightmare pulsar35 alicorn oc24492 blocks267 canterlot5452 canterlot castle2034 clothes435588 colt14073 comic104697 commissioner:bigonionbean1784 dialogue62030 foal15087 halloween8098 holiday19004 horn55814 human oc483 human to pony1080 magic69735 male351132 nightmare night4678 pants13387 shocked expression773 shout114 surprised8720 toy21484 transformation10132 writer:bigonionbean1514


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